Wedding Crest

There's nothing quite like a crest to tell the story of you as a couple. Like the coat of arms that inspired it, every icon, color, and letter has a meaning that is all your own, no template or generic element in sight. It's the perfect design addition for a DIY bride who just needs that one image to slap onto invitations, menus, return address labels, and more. 

Read about some of our clients who's unique love story inspired the design.

Story of us

Elizabeth and Tyler planned to get married at a beautiful estate in Georgia, which tops the crest along with floral elements like daisy, lily, and rose, which had a special meaning for the couple. The apples symbolize one of their favorite trips to New York, and their pup Stella the Brittany is the star of the crest.

The barley and the eagle head ornamentation is a cheeky reference to how they met: at a frat party, where they became beer pong champs. How hilarious, right?

A showstopper element here is the "C" monogram adorned with a geometric shape, inspired by the absolutely stunning and unique engagement ring that Elizabeth got.

The crest is then finished off with their wedding date, and golf clubs—which are subtly the 10 and 6 iron, to represent the date.



Story of us

Stacy and Boris met in college through mutual friends, and were planning to say "I Do" in the beautiful Marina Del Rey which was famous for the adorable lighthouse that adorned their pier. Their first initials mark the crest, which is set in a blue/blush color pallete of their wedding.

Their careers were extremely important to them. Boris, who is in the Air Force is an Engineer as well, and Stacy teaches middle school. The pencil and the wings flanking the crest represents their passion and mutual respect for the careers that they chose. The flowers included in Stacy's wedding bouquet adorn the design, as does a peculiar plant native to Maui.

You see, Boris was invited to join Stacy's family on thier annual trip to Maui, and it was on this trip that he popped the question. Not just anywhere, but at the summit of Haleakala National park. The Haleakala silverswords are natives to this park, and their unique shape allows them to survive in hot, dry climates of the volcanic desert slopes. It seems appropriate for a couple that survived the long distance relationship to end all long distance relationships (which is a whole story in it of itself)

"My husband and I absolutely love our custom crest - so much so that we plan to use it for years to come. Working with Fiber & Dye was one of our best decisions to date." - Stacy

Ready to create your own crest? 

Story of us

Tiffany and Kyle are foodies and music lovers who had a wedding planned at the beautiful Lindley-Scott House in Azusa. The iconic yellow home tops their crest, along with blossoms that had been in bloom in November at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, where Kyle proposed on their first trip to NY together.

Their silly, playful personality shines through in every detail. One year, for their annual holiday card, they both wore a mask shaped like the head of a cardinal and dressed in matching red plaid, since the cardinal was Kyle's spirit animal. The chipmunk represents Tiffany, a tiny but riley girl full of energy, quirkiness, and passion for fun.

Oh and the story behind the apples? They well, enjoy "beverages," and on mornings where they've particularly enjoyed it the night before, they eat apples together to fight off a hangover. Yep, they're amazing.


What's more, they dubbed their wedding a University event, and sent out invitations to their bridal party in the form of a university acceptance letter. And you guessed it, this crest topped off their letter because yes, it's the official crest.