Seasonal Brand Personality: Using Color Psychology to Identify Your Brand Aesthetic

When we’re talking about business branding design, one concept helps to put into focus the direction and visual aesthetic that you're going for. I love using the seasonal brand personality to guide my design and to communicate to clients how to implement the new visual identity, because it makes it so easy!

Following color psychology, the seasonal brand personality help to guide not only the hues but the texture, shapes, pattern, and other visual elements that should be used in the branding. Borrowing cues from nature, the seasonal personality serve to make design elements feel cohesive and on-brand.

Below is a quick breakdown of each of the personality, its attributes, keywords, and characteristics. Can you find your brand in one of them?

The spring personality is bright, delightful, fun, and simple. Think light, fresh colors that are youthful and bounding with energy. When you're styling photos for spring, itch items can make a whimsical statement that doesn't take itself too seriously, and adds personality and a human touch that is perfect! I see this personality a lot with sweets shops, and lifestyle/gifting product lines (psst, we're a spring personality!)


The summer personality is all about timeless beauty, elegance, romanticism, and grace. Cool colors that are subtle and muted and lighting that's hazy and dreamy. Keywords here are pretty, formal, proper, and pretty (oh did I say it twice? that's how important it is!) I tend to see summer a lot in the wedding industry, with photographers and stationers.


The autumn personality is warm, full of energy and richness, and always authentic. Warm tones that are bold and intense but muted, with a feeling of substance and weight is what you want to go for. Look for elements that feel natural, like kraft paper, brick, and raw wood. I think a lot of restaurants really embrace the autumn personality, as do artisinal brands that focus on the handmade/craftsman aspect of their business.


The winter personality is edgy, intense, glamourous, and no-fuss. This is the only color palette that has black and white, so think contrast and minimalism. Sparkling metallics or neon gives the palette that understated confidence that looks so good on winter. Making bold statements through touches of luxury is where this personality shines. I feel like a lot of influencers and groups tailored toward female entrepreneurs fall under winter.


What did you think? Did you find a personality that really resonates with you? When building your mood board, brand color, brand photography and even your logo, think about the concept to help guide your decisions regarding all things branding design!

And if you're curious about getting a branding analysis from us to see where you stand and where you should go, we'd be happy to put together our recommendation and build a visual strategy that'll really move you forward and grow your business!