No one said no, just you

Wow, another month. This one though, is pretty special because this marks the year anniversary of this crazy fun journey I set out on to celebrate my 30th birthday. Now, it's a design studio that allows me to work with creative entrepreneurs to work on their branding, brides-to-bes to set the tone for their special day, and everyone in between with my stationery products.

If you told me a year ago that I'd eventually leave my job I would say "yeah right." Not because I hadn't fantasized about it, but rather for that very reason—it just sounds like a fantasy, not real life. Only social-media-fake people get to live that life, or rich housewives, or people on TV. Not me. But it turns out, it's possible. Not without support I couldn't have ever, but I did have the support, I just didn't know it because I'd never asked for it. No one said no. Just me.

I hope this serves as a reminder that the voice inside your head, the one that seems to say no about everything, isn't a real person. So instead of listening to them, look outward at the people who are crazy enough to live this life with you. They love you, don't ask me why, but they love you so much, and they won't say no.


Free Wallpaper

All the past wallpapers are now available as zip files under Free Downloads including the free DIY calendar which is where the patterns come from. Check it out today!

Once you download the zip file, just save the image onto your iPhone and it's ready to be your new wallpaper. Use the calendar for the lock screen, and the quote for your background--or vice versa!