No grit? No shit.

Hallo June. That means it's almost summer, which explains why it's been so damn hot lately.

A lot of things were being kicked into high gear this past month, and my mind was reeling a bit. I couldn't believe that I was busy, because hey, how could I be? I was unemployed, right? But that was the thing, I wasn't. I had a business. Shit, I'm an entrepreneur.

Depending on who you are and when you ask me, I teeter between saying "I'm unemployed" or "I'm doing freelance" or "I'm working on my business." I wonder if this is going to be an endless struggle for me, where I'm going to have to work on my feeling worthy of that title. But I'm gonna work on it, cos the pearl is fucking worth it.

Without further ado, the wallpaper. We're getting fancy now, where you can officially go to a download link.

Free iPhone Wallpaper

All the past wallpapers are now available as zip files under Free Downloads including the free DIY calendar which is where the patterns come from. Check it out today!

Once you download the zip file, just save the image onto your iPhone and it's ready to be your new wallpaper. Use the calendar for the lock screen, and the quote for your background--or vice versa!