5 Must-have Tools for Wood Signs

This post was inspired by a craft day that I had with friends who are wedding planners. I've been obsessed with making wooden signs lately, and can't get enough of them--as a matter of fact, I've got scrap wood all over my living room floor right now for my brother's wedding that's coming up. It's a perfect addition for any event, rustic or elegant, and can be as dressed up or down as needed. Best of all, it's an inexpensive and easy DIY project.

If you're thinking about making a wood sign for your next wedding, or just want one on your wall read on for the five must-have tools and some Amazon shopping links!


1. Cheap wood. I like going to Home Depot because they have bigger pieces that could get cut down to size, but craft wood from craft stores and online works too. Pine takes stain best! 

2. Wood Stain. Love the ones from Minwax because it goes on smooth and doesn't have a coating on it that would give wood a sheen. Instead, it has a very natural look.

3. Chalk. Work with it lightly to use as your outline. Tip here is to make sure not much of the powder gets on it, so clean up will be a breeze. Chalk pencil works great too, but I personally just like to have on hand a box of cheap chalk because it works great. Just try to avoid chalk paint pens just because it goes on a little thicker and more opaque.

4. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I cut/rip it into small pieces and use to erase the aforementioned chalk outline.

5. Paint pen. Last but not least, a great quality acrylic paint pen is of course the star of the show. There are cheap options out there too but this is the one tool I wouldn't skimp on. Using a cheapy pen with poor coverage or one that runs will make your life much harder and not worth the dollar savings. I love Liquitex Fine Tip in Titanium White and Molotow white in 2mm, the only difference here would be whether you prefer a chiseled tip that allows you to do thick/thin strokes (Liquitex) or a uniform round tip (Molotow). It's worth getting both and trying it out to find your soul-pen.

And that's it for the 5 must-have tools for wood signs. Any other tips, tricks, or tools you personally can't live without? Let me know in the comments below!