Live Every Day like a Vacay

The temperature is rising, summer has arrived, and oh shit the year is pretty much over. Like, it's kind of nuts.

July marks the official 6-month anniversary since leaving my corporate job to start this crazy life. It was, in all honesty, a fucking blur because months are filled with weeks and weeks with days where I'm constantly wishing for more time. It's amazing that even when a whole day is freed up, ready for me to conquer and take control, somehow everything still manages to slip on by.

While it might feel contradictory to say in the same breath that there's not enough time and then to live every day like it's a vacation, they're totally supporting each other. This is why--when you're on vacation, even though you only have a finite amount of time in your particular destination, you still manage to fit in activities and relaxing, time with family and quality time alone. It's something about being more conscious about our finite time that allows us to be more productive than if we felt we had all the time in the world.

So go ahead. Tell yourself that yes, you can go and vacay everyday.

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All the past wallpapers are now available as zip files under Free Downloads including the free DIY calendar which is where the patterns come from. Check it out today!

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