Kiss my sweet ass

Phew, not sure about other parts of the world but in Southern California, especially in the valley, the days are getting pretty hot.

I started with the word "sweet" for May, just because it was peach and because it's been sticky hot around here. I've been super fortunate this year, and been feeling it this past month especially, that I get to fill my days with things that fuel me. Drawing, designing, meeting new clients, and of course spending time with friends and family. So from that very grateful place, my snarky self said "fuck all those other bitches" who don't add any value to my life.

So say eff you, to the girl who was mean to you in high school or that naysayer who only has negative things to say or that guy who broke your heart, whatever and whomever. You do you, and that's the best revenge.


Just save the image onto your iPhone and it's ready to be your new wallpaper. Use the calendar for the lock screen, and the quote for your background--or vice versa!