Don't be scared to be afraid

I am so excited for the printable section of the blog to grow! Hope you enjoyed the free greeting card for Valentine's Day. Now it's calendar time because yep, the month is already over.

I got the inspiration for this month's quote from the Roman God of war Mars, which is March's namesake. It reminded me that war has been a part of our life since humanity had sprung. We're always fighting amongst each other, and even with ourselves. The latter is the kind of fight that I've been thinking about lately.

The thing about internal struggles is that at least for me, it's usually a battle of talking myself down from talking myself down. My instinct usually (and maybe for some of you too) is to say that I can't. There are many reasons for the can't--sometimes it's self doubt, sometimes it's because I don't feel worthy, and most of the time it shares one thing, which is fear. Fear is a strong motivator for us, it gets us to do things but it's more often than not the wrong reason to take action. Fear tends to subtract, deter, discourage. It's an instict for surviving, not thriving.

I'm a firm believer that to thrive, we actually need to lean into fear, and the things that scare us shitless are the very things that we need in our lives at that moment. So fight on every one, and have courage to allow yourself to be in situations that are frightening as hell. And surprise yourselves.

Fiber & Dye | March Wallpaper Calendar
Fiber & Dye | March Wallpaper

Just save the image onto your iPhone and it's ready to be your new wallpaper. Use the calendar for the lock screen, and the quote for your background--or vice versa!