Shop Launch

Oh boy. What to do.

The shop is here. After years of saying that I'll do something, and never actually doing anything about it, and then writing it down as a New Year's Resolution that I continued to ignore... you get the drift. If you know me already, you know that I'm all talk and no walk.

But well, this is a pretty fucking big step.

It's my firm belief that talent is not required to do great things. Yes, it helps, but really, everyone is capable of doing great things--it's not an exclusive club of people who were born with talent. Instead, it's just an exclusive club of people who actually did something. Having the discipline to make yourself do something, in it of itself, is an accomplishment. Then to sustain it. Then to keep at it some more. Then to go again. Just the thought of it makes me tired, but here we are.

With that said, happy birthday to the shop. And happy birthday to me. I already know this year is going to be a doozy.