Hey there fellow boss lady, we're so excited to have you here.

Maybe you have a logo you love, but you know, just a logo a branding does not make, and you're feeling like you need to tighten up the rest of your brand aesthetic. Or maybe you hate your branding, from the logo to the color to the font to everything, because you've kind of outgrown it. Like clothes you bought back in college, it was cute at the time but it doesn't reflect who you are anymore.

Whatever your relationship status with your current brand design, we're here for you. We help boss ladies who have a strategic brand vision design a visual identity to grow their business. With hand-drawn details like watercolor illustrations and calligraphy, we're here to create a branding that truly reflects the amazing business you're running. Oh, and it'll be pretty.

Look, you're already doing great things with your business. May as well look the part, right?

Curious to see what we've done? Peruse through our Gallery.

What we do here

From logo design to spot calligraphy, entire visual strategy to web design, shoot us a note and see how we can work together. Here's a sample menu of the services we offer:

Branding design

Starting at $195 for a custom calligraphy logo, $895 for branding package

  • Logo Design

  • Spot calligraphy for logo use

  • Comprehensive branding design (including color story, font palette, patterns, illustrations, etc.)

  • Marketing collateral (invoice, business card, catalog, email newsletter, etc.)

  • Brand Style Guide

Design retainer

Keep us on retainer on a monthly basis to help you with your design needs! 10hr/month for $750 ($80/hr a la carté)

  • Branding design

  • Email design

  • Social post design

  • Web updates

  • and more!

Web design

Customized website set up, including training and support starting at $1200

  • Favicon design

  • Site, blog, shop & product pages designed for conversion

  • Basic SEO set up

  • Squarespace site set up

  • Site migration for any new set up

  • Web Style Guide

How to work with us

We start by getting to know you, like, really know you. The business started with Lisa working with friends, and we still treat our clients in the same way.

So dear friends, let's talk about your brand vision. Why you want to do this. What drives you. Why it's important to you, how it makes your heart flutter. Let's geek out over color palettes and textures and feels, oh all the feels. These will be the details that inform our decisions for capturing your business into a unique visual identity that not only your customers will connect with, but one where your heart is reflected. Because your heart is in every thing that you do, and that's what's going to grow your business.

Your bold, brilliant, brave business needs a face to the name. Let's design it together, shall we?

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