Unexpected, silly, oddly-specific. Oh, and pretty.

Design studio based in Los Angeles for silly people who love pretty things—like us. 

Business branding

Are you a lady boss with a clear brand vision who's ready to grow your business? Let us bring your brand to life so your brand looks as good as the good you're already doing.


You don't want to settle for "It's pretty, but not US." Your wedding should be dripping with details that reflect YOU. Let's work on custom invitation suites and calligraphy projects to make that happen.


 Hey there BFFs. We know you have your weird inside jokes to make each other laugh uncontrollably. Celebrate moments together with cards that tell your story to each other.

Let’s look the part, shall we?

You’re killing it. You’ve launched that business, you’ve hustled, you’ve been around and you’re feeling like you’re finally getting this whole “entrepreneur” thing.

Problem is, your brand design hasn’t gotten the memo that you’re kicking ass.

Maybe you never got around to getting a custom branding design and bought a template. Maybe you just threw something up there to launch. Maybe the logo you chose doesn’t feel like you anymore.

If you’ve got a clear brand vision that your look isn’t caught up to, it’s time to bring it to life. Grow your business, because you’re already doing great—may as well look great doing it.

A wedding is a party with your people. They should see you in your invites.


We know you have a unique story to tell.


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