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Wedding Crest

Let's not forget that a wedding is a party. Take a breath, have fun chatting with us, and make something pretty along the way. All design will be painted and lettered by hand just for you.

This is a moment that you're about to celebrate with your dear friends, family, people who adore you. So we treat it like a celebration. We're not about generic templates or semi-custom or "it's pretty but not me." This is you and your partner's invitation to witness the best love story of their lives. Let's make sure they see what's up (pun intended). Your friends should receive the invitation and see you guys in it. That's what we're passionate about.

Packages are tailored for you, digital file or print, full suite to a wedding crest, even event brand boards, whatever you need!

How to work with us

We start by getting to know you, like really know you. The business started with Lisa doing favors for her newly engaged friends, and we still treat our clients in the same way.

So dear friends, let's talk about your vision for your special day. How the two of you met. Geek out over color palettes and textures and feels, oh all the feels. These will be the details that inform our decisions for capturing your wedding day onto paper.

Are you feeling passionate about taking this on as a project for yourself, but just need some guidance along the way? Maybe a wedding branding package is right for you.

Perhaps you already know you want to DIY your invitation, but just want that one special design element to tie it together? Talk to us about a wedding crest.

Or you're feeling lost among design vocabulary like aesthetic and typography and all that jazz, and want a friend to lead the way? Let's go with a full wedding suite

Can't wait to chat with you. Let's celebrate your wedding for real, shall we?

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