Baby Name Wish Print - Customized

Baby Name Wish Print - Customized


Wish Upon a Name

We all wish for the best when it comes to our new little friend. The first wish is from their parents, who give them the most important gift of all: their name.

Celebrate that with a gift of your own, a customized art print perfect for any nursery with the baby's name, the meaning, and a message to set them forth on this new adventure.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

Style No: 6206

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  • Customized
  • Message based on the meaning of the name, or could be custom text
  • Hand-lettered name meaning
  • Proof will be sent for review, pricing includes 1 round of revision in case of mistake
  • Non-refundable upon receiving proof
  • 8x10, printed in Los Angeles onto premium heavyweight cover paper (110lb)